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About Us

Tools of Freedom Inc.’s (Freedom Vehicles) purpose is to promote patriotism, educate the public regarding U.S. military history, honor those who have served our country through military service, and develop resources to promote and preserve freedom throughout the United States of America.  We repurpose physical assets that are no longer in active use by the armed forces to give the general public opportunities to learn about, touch, feel, sit in, and explore all types, sizes, and shapes of vehicles and equipment. The organization is dedicated to helping every person who sees and touches the displays to truly understand the sights, smells, sounds, and sacrifices required to keep the United States a nation of personal freedoms, and better understand God’s role in our nation’s freedom and history.


In 2007 Vernon Stout, Wade Knapp, and George Stokes all of whom collect military vehicles and equipment discussed creating an organization to promote patriotism through education and to honor veterans.  Together we began attending cars shows, parades, and organizing events at local schools.  In 2014 it was decided by Vernon and Wade that we should officially organize as a non-profit association so that we could garner the support and resources needed to continue our efforts long term.

Freedom Vehicles has grown from displays of three or four vehicles to building displays with over 50 vehicles and 5000 WWI-present military artifacts. In 2014 we organized seven events and in 2015 we organized or participated in over 15 events with the largest event garnering approximately 100,000 visitors over a four day period.  Even though many of the visitors came to view a sister event with Gail Halverson on July 3rd Freedom Vehicles gave guided tours to approximately 18,000 people, and convoyed 38 vehicles from Orem SCERA to Provo for the Freedom Festival Grand Parade.

In 2016 our goal is find a donor who will help us purchase a piece of property preferably 20 to 40 acres in Orem or surrounding area where we can begin to build a museum facility to house our equipment.  We will then begin to implement our long term objectives. It will take several years to accomplish but we intend to build period design buildings which will house a variety of working museums.  Our focus will be primarily Vietnam and Korea but we will have extensive world class displays from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, Desert Storm, and Iraq/Afghanistan. We do not intend to have a typical museum environment but rather we will invite visitors to touch, smell, feel, and even work on equipment.  We will fund our long term efforts through affiliate dues, donations, grants, fund raising projects, and by developing and producing products, services, and technologies that will be used or licensed and sold to third parties for production and distribution.  All products, services and technologies developed will be geared toward the education, promotion, maintenance, and defense of U.S. freedom.

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