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Answer to Questions UVU and Military Outpost at University Mall

I have had several questions asked about the UVU Auto Expo and the Military Outpost, so I am sending another email to answer them.

UVU Auto Expo Questions:
Has there been a site located for military vehicles:  Yes, we will be just north of the main pavilion and next to the announcers tent.  I will be getting there on Friday night and setting up all my equipment so when you show up it will be easy to find.  When you get there on Saturday morning between 7:00 and 8:30 just look for the Military display and I will show you your spot.

Military Outpost at the University Mall:
Is this something that will be left in place the whole three days?  The initial part of the display will be set up on Wednesday the 1st in the evening and anyone is welcome to bring there vehicles and items for display whenever they choose.  I hope that most people will come and set up and stay for most of the event.

Is there going to be security at the site?  Yes, currently I know of about 10 people who will be sleeping over at the event and will be helping with security.  Additionally I am working with several volunteer organization which will be providing people to help.  Some of these people will provide overnight security and some will help answer questions about vehicles and provide daytime security.

Can I leave my vehicle if I have to work?  Yes, I know that many of you will have work on Thursday, but you can bring your vehicle after work on Wednesday, or on Thursday and we will keep a close eye on them.  If you have easily removed accessories on your truck we will want to take them off and store them in the tent at night so that they are more secure.  Last year I “slept” with several 50cal HBs, a few radios, an M1 garand, a 1919, a Tommy gun, and a few other valuable items.

Finally, I don’t seem to have good email addresses for the following people so if you know their address please pass this info along or let me know how to email them.

Updated: May 10, 2015 — 5:34 pm
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