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Eagle Scout Projects

Freedom Vehicles Association needs help with a variety of projects that Eagle Scout candidates can use as an Eagle Project or Hornaday Project. 

  • European Road Signs:  Making signs that look like WWII road signs in Europe to tell people where activities are located at events. Also a sign stick that we would put in the middle of all encampments that we do that points toward 10 to 15 major world cities in addition to event activities.  This would be an amazing and very helpful project.
  • DUKW Entry Platform: Made of Metal, or Wood, must be durable, and able to be taken apart and stored easily. A platform that will make it easy for patrons to board the DUKW.
  • WWI Above Ground Trench: Mock WWI Trench above ground for educating and show purposes
  • Replica WWII Nuclear Bombs: To educate on the Nuclear Bomb droppings that ended WWII. You would also educate on nuclear science. (Merit Badge Potential)
  • Tractor Train: Use 55 Gallon Drums and make a train that is pulled behind a vehicle or tractor. Each 55 gallon Drum is made to look like a vehicle from a different branch of service. ie: Submarine navy, jeep army, plane, air force, etc. (Welding Merit Badge)
  • Model Mortar/Rockets: Model rocket that would shoot out of a rocket truck that can actually blast off.  (Space Exploration)
  • Card Games/Games: History educational games that kids can use to learn about Military conflicts.
  • Restore A Vehicle: Raise money to restore a vehicle to its former operating glory and then do the restoration.
  • Air Mortar Cannon: a PVC Air cannon that shoots t-shirts, candy, mini parachute men, etc.
  • Static Tank: A scaled down model tank that people can take pictures in front of and be educated about the real thing. (Model Design merit badge)
  • Go Cart Jeeps: Mini Jeeps that people can drive around (Model Design merit badge)
  • Make Film: Make educational videos, promotional videos and other such videos that Freedom Vehicles may need at that time. (Movie Making)
  • Inventory and Label Equipment: Catalog all equipment with tags and numbers and put it in a log book.
  • Hedgehogs: Use wood, or metal to create reproduction hedgehog obstacles.
  • Replica Bunker: Use wood and framing skills to make a movable bunker that looks real from the outside.
  • Barbed wire barrier: Use wood lodge poles, and wore and wrap the wire on the lodge pole fence to make a barbed wire barrier.
  • Sand Bags: Make sandbags, or hold a money drive and then buy sandbags and fill them.
  • Duck board: Make duck board like what is found in the bottom of trenches and around camp in Vietnam.
  • WWI German airplane Prop: Make a prop of a crashed German Airplane in a WWI Battlefield.
  • Unit Signs: Use wood and make unit signs like what would be found around in field camp.
  • Reproduction Field Tables: Use wood and plans to make reproduction wooden field tables.
  • Reproduction Crates: Use wood and make prop ammo crates.
  • Mines: Build different kinds of mines and explosives(reproduction and inert, for display only)
  • Tents: Find Military Tents and get them donated, or raise money and buy tents, or make tents, or repair tents, and make new tent poles.
  • Welcome Signs: Signs that welcome patrons to the area of display.
  • Develop Patterns for Uniforms: Take apart authentic uniforms and make accurate patterns for future reproduction.
  • Mannequins: create easy to make mannequins using plans that are in Freedom Vehicles possession. Creation of mannequins is easy, and requires only wood, screws, and a male Styrofoam head.

In addition to these projects, Eagle Scout candidates can figure out additional projects what will help us honor our fallen warriors. Some of these could include:  Restoring  a vehicle  such as, 1944 Half Track, 1941 Scout Car, 1943 International M-2-4,  a 1944 WC9 Ambulance, and Make a Vietnam War Gun Truck. These projects will take a great deal of work and resources.  Projects can also include collecting metal or other items to raise money to buy materials, sanding and working on the trucks, organizing events or activities like the Freedom Vehicles Military outpost, and more.  If you need an Eagle Project please contact Wade Stout who is the representative for Freedom Vehicles Eagle Scout Projects.  801-224-5349

Updated: February 23, 2017 — 2:33 am

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  1. Hello I’m interested in doing a eagle scout project with the Freedom Vehicles Association but looking over your page I am a little bit confused on what projects are available and what it is you would have me doing I would appreciate some more information on the festival and what I can do

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