Freedom Vehicles Association

Giving Individuals the Opportunity to Interact with the Tools Used to Defend Freedom


Education:  Freedom Vehicles will provide training that will ultimately contribute to the goals of increasing patriotism and freedom.  Third party and proprietary training will be disseminated through the links below this training will include training in a variety of subjects:education

  • What is Freedom
  • What are the responsibilities of freedom
  • Cost of Freedom

o   Soldiers Stories

  • WWI
  • WWII
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Desert Storm

o   Stories of weather and war

o   Difficulty with gear

  • Vehicles
  • Guns
  • Sleeping

o   Stories about food in war

  • Value of Freedom: Why should we care if we are free?
  • What life looks like without freedom

o   Stories of people who do/did not have freedom

  • USSR
  • Eastern block counties
  • Realities of available services such as food, medical, transportation, housing
  • Cuba
  • How tos – Military vehicle

o   Maintenance

o   Restoration

o   Operation

  • Manuals

o   TM for every vehicle or piece of gear we can find

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