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Our Vehicles and Equipment(Movie Rentals)

Feel Free to contact us about using our vehicles and equipment in Movies, reenactments, Weddings, parties or other events that you might need them for.


1941 M3 Scout Car(un-restored)
1941 Dodge Command Car
1943 Willys MB
1943 International M-2-4(un-restored)
1944 D.U.K.W Amphibious Transport
1944 M2A1 Half Track Car(un-restored)
1944 M29C Weasel(un-restored)
1944 WC-52

1944 Ford GPW
1945 Willys MB
1951 M37 Weapons Carrier
1951 M38 Willys

1951 M37 Air Force
1962 M43 Ambulance
1962 M109A1 Mobile Machine Shop
1965 M416 Trailer
1967 M416 TRAILER
Proud American Gun Truck
1972 M35a2
1971 M792 Gamma Goat
1971 M561 Gamma Goat
1984 M101A1
1988 M105A1
1991 M923

Other Equipment:

GP Medium Tent

WWII Command Tent

WWII Pyramidal Tent

Hexagonal Tent


Ammo Crates/Boxes

Camo Nets(WWII Shrimp Net, Vietnam and 1980s and 1990s Camo net, Woodland, and Snow, Modern Day Desert Net)




Contact us about your other Military equipment needs.


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