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George Stokes (Korean War Veteran)

Recognition of soldiers:  A component of the museum will be to honor the soldiers who used the vehicles and equipment to keep us free.  Vehicles are of no use without the brave men and women who utilized them in times of combat to protect our freedoms.  As often as possible the resources of Freedom Vehicles will be used to promote the stories, lives, and challenges of current and past veterans.  Some of the methods used to promote these are:

  • Stories: On display, Audio and Video when available, Kiosks where people canwatch or listen to information about the gear they are touching or seeing.
  • Pictures:  Memorials of the men and women who used the vehicles.  Particularly the people from Utah County
  • Uniforms:  Donated uniforms from families of service members
  • Gear: Full war time uniforms including items such as canteens, ammo holders, gas masks, parachutes, helmets, ear and eye protection, gloves, boots, pants, belts, harnesses, etc.

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