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UVU Auto Expo 2015

Since 1983 the UVU Auto Expo has been providing funding for scholarships to UVU students involved in Automotive Training Programs, preserving the automotive tradition through showcasing quality vintage and modern vehicles and workmanship, and preparing and training people for a career in the Automotive Field.

This year the Expo will feature 15 vehicles from the Freedom Vehicles collection in a Military outpost type setup with vehicles and gear from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War (Desert Storm), the Iraq War of 2003, and Afghanistan all in one place.  General and personal gear will be displayed such as uniforms, tents, mortars, machine gun nests, helmets, and every other kind of gear used in these wars.  We envision something similar to the Freedom Festival colonial days with a focus on honoring veterans and developing patriotism.  Private vehicle owners along with volunteers from Freedom Vehicles Association will be on hand to answer questions and help educate participants about the history and most importantly the stories of soldiers who sacrificed everything to preserve our freedoms.

Come and see this great display on May 20th at UVU next to the UCCU Event Center.
If you would like to help with this event as a volunteer, show one of your military vehicles, or donate items or money to help us promote patriotism please contact:

Vernon Stout



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