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Vehicle Recovery

Military vehicles from past wars are being crushed and dismantled daily making them no longer available to support our freedoms through building support for our current troopsrecovery and generating interest in the armed forces.  Additionally these vehicles honor those who have sacrificed much to maintain our Freedom.  Freedom Vehicles locates and recovers vehicles in a variety of ways some of which include locating abandoning vehicles, finding the owner, and moving the vehicle to a preservation site where it can be protected, repaired, and displayed. Purchasing rundown or dilapidated vehicles from current owner and then restoring them.  Another method used to recover vehicles is by communicating with wrecking yards and scrap metal facilities requesting that we be notified if a military vehicle is delivered to the facility and then rescuing it from that facility.

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  1. Hey,

    I’ve been following your group since the 2015 Cache Valley Cruise In. I was recently at a trucker bone yard and saw an old WW2 tank recovery trailer. My friend said it was possibly part of one of the Dragon Wagons or something like that. I was only able to get one picture off my phone (wasn’t a good one either; I was planning on taking multiple) before it wouldn’t take anymore pictures. The guy that has it will be reasonable on selling it. Not sure how long it will stay on the lot as the owner is scrapping a lot of good antique vehicles and this one might or might not be on the chopping block. If you are interested I can go through my channels and have him save it if you want me or one of you guys take a closer look.

    Patrick Dombrosky

    There isn’t an attachment option for the picture I have. Any working e-mail I can send it to?

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