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Veterans Day 2014

The last few weeks have been really busy as we have prepared to honor Veterans this year.  We began Veterans week off right by displaying five vehicles, a GP medium tent, several machine guns and all types of other gear.  A local Boy Scout Troop spent the night in the Deuce while several other Scouts slept in the M43 ambulance.  We had over 600 people come and visit with us over the weekend.

The vehicles catch the interest of many of the children and help them learn, but the best part of the week so far has been the opportunity that I had to talk to Veterans who where willing to tell me some of their stories.  I spoke with two Veterans who participated in the Battle of the Bulge one of whom was wounded in that battle and received a purple heart.  Another story came out of the Korean war where this brave soldier defended himself; five against one in the bitter 30 degrees below zero cold.  I will write more about those stories later, but this week is just starting.

On Tuesday the 11th we will be setting up a display for SCERA Park Elementary School where we will have the opportunity to introduce several Veterans, and give these children a hands on experience with the tools used to defend freedom.

Below are some pictures from Saturday.



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