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If you have always wanted to see authentic military vehicles and equipment that was used in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Afghanistan, now is your chance. Freedom Vehicles Association has been working with the Freedom Festival of Provo to build the largest display of military vehicles and equipment ever seen in Utah County, which will be located at SCERA Park directly west of the SCERA Shell on July 1st – 4th. This four day event will include several fun activities such as shooting 50 cal Machine Guns, Message Decoding, a weapons display, and of course vehicles ranging from 1918 – 2010. Some of the vehicles include:  1918 Dodge Brothers Ambulance, 1940s jeeps, WWII halftrack, weapons carriers, troop transports, and HMWVVs.

Freedom Vehicles Association NEEDS VOLUNTEERS AND YOU COULD BE ONE!!!

Come and help us provide these fun and educational activities to the public.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge service project.  Your troop can even make it your summer camp, it will be that fun (earn 5 merit badges) You will help with activities such as shooting an air cannon, throwing grenades, marching in formation, running an orienteering course and much much more. You can also come and help by sleeping over and watching the equipment at night to make sure that it is all safe.  Finally, this will be a great learning experience, come learn from veterans and hear their stories and teach others about American Wars and Conflicts.

If you are interested Contact Freedom Vehicles Association at: Be a Volunteer

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